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Hosting Your Retreat at P&P

We are now ready to host 3rd party retreats at Present and Positive.  The property is currently available for booking for select dates starting in September 2018 through our AirBnB page. To learn more about attending our own guided retreats, please continue the tour.

Our AirBnB Page

Our Journey...

For years we have been preparing our space and ourselves to serve our community by hosting our own retreats.  This was a central part of the original intention for the project back in 2013.  We are on track to bring this intention to reality in Spring 2024.  As we have worked towards this goal we have been shaped and humbled and given insights into what is needed to skillfully hold space for others.  These experiences will deeply inform our retreats.  It is our purest intention to craft these getaways into helpful, supportive opportunities for Self-nourishment and Self-discovery utilizing all of the resources at our disposal.

...Becomes Your Journey

We believe that you have everything you need for the complete and highest expression of your Being.

We seek to facilitate your meaningful learning, not merely teaching you additional knowledge.

We are eager to empower and support you, not merely validating and evaluating you.

We will not reinforce any Self-limiting beliefs you may hold, yet we will hold space for the process of becoming that breaks free of such bonds and leads you ever closer to the ineffable, ever-changing Presence that you are.

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