Dorms Entryway #1

The dorms area will be a footwear-free zone and it will feel very much like an interior space, so we needed to create a place for people to take off their shoes, coats, etc, comfortably.  The first one we made is the one facing the yurt. We started by creating a base layer of pavers and pressure treated wood:

Then this layer was filled in with packed sand:

Finally, we put down some permeable faux-grass flooring which was attached to the pressure treated lumber pieces.  Then we used the remaining scrap redwood from the deck renovations to build a very nice bench for sitting:

Up above the entryway we added more aluminum flashing and polycarbonate panels to make it a dry space like the rest of the dorms area:

Here’s a shot of the completed work:


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May 20, 2021