New Leach Field

In the summer we hosted a retreat during which we had issues with the Septic system backing up.  We determined that the leach field was not working correctly and decided to replace it or dig a new one.  This was quite an involved process and required us to get an excavator up into the backyard.  We did this by creating a dirt ramp on the driveway, over the retaining wall:

Then the excavator could start digging:

Once the hole was dug, we were able to put the new leach lines down. Notice how deep the hole is and how close to the garden enclosure:

After setting the leach lines, the manifold was installed and connected to the septic tank.  Then we started burying the system once again:

At this point the new leach lines are covered and we can start fully backfiling:

Here it is almost completely backfilled:

And now the work is done:


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July 11, 2019