Outdoor Bathroom

In late summer 2019 it was determined that having an outdoor bathroom near the yurt for yoga participants and others would be very convenient and also help establish a better boundary between the house and yurt spaces.  We ended up going with a tank design instead of a flushable or compostable toilet due to various reasons.  In some ways this was the first step toward the eventual dorms project that would be coming later. We started by digging a spot for the tank and pouring a concrete slab by hand:


Next was framing the walls and door.  On two sides we would be using the existing deck lattice and framing:

We then put up green shade fabric to make the walls.  I like the effect of this fabric.  It allows air through but by putting two layers it is opaque:

Here’s a picture of the door:

Then we created epoxy coated plywood panels for the toilet and urinal and put color-changing LEDs around them for a cool nighttime effect:

On the other side of the room we installed a sink and a mirror:



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September 15, 2019