Trailer Renovations

As P&P had big plans to build a new cabin as well as other projects in the coming years, Colin decided that he would renovate an old Burning Man trailer and use it going forward for lumber and dump runs so that he could sell his truck and be fully electric.  The old trailer had been sitting on the property in Garner Valley for several years and needed extensive renovation.  This was accomplished with the help of another Workawayer named Oliver, from Ecuador.  The steps involved were as follows:

  1. Removal of Old Wheels
  2. Removal of Rotten Plywood Boards
  3. Removal of Rust from Metal Components
  4. Spray Painting with Black Rust-o-leum Performance Enamel
  5. Installation of New Wheels
  6. Painting New Plywood Bed with Exterior Paint
  7. Installation of New Plywood Bed
  8. Installation of Galvanized Sheet Metal over Plywood Bed
  9. Creation of Front Shelf for Pannier Boxes
  10. Installation of Aluminum Pannier Boxes
  11. Installation of Trailer Lights and Electrical Hookup
  12. Building Aluminum and Plywood Walls

Here is the trailer after renovation without the walls installed:

And here it is totally completed with the walls on it:


Posted on

November 21, 2020