Tree Stands

During each winter since the Cypress Trees had been planted in 2018 there were snowstorms that caused them to either fall over or have broken limbs.  The trees miraculously survived being toppled and buried but it was a difficult effort to dig them out and stake them up again and again.  So for the health and growth of the trees and for our own peace of mind we decided to build some redwood tree stands that could support the trees during these snowstorms. The design consists of the redwood stands themselves which are then supported by stainless steel guide wires and ground anchors. Here are the tree stands after being build and tung oiled for weather protection:

The bottoms of the stands are wrapped in building tape to protect them from water in the soil.  Here are three photos of the stands installed on their trees.  They worked out so so well and we even had some late snow to test them out. Don’t the trees look happy?


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March 9, 2021