Wood Shed and Fence Extension

As we worked on the deck renovations and decided to put the dorms in under the deck, we realized that the place we were storing our tools and wood would no longer exist and a new place was needed.  So we decided to build a wood/tool shed over the area where we installed the new leach field, behind the house and out of the way.  In addition, since we had removed the chain link fence when we installed the leach field, it was time for a new fence to go in.  We build the fence first and in the exact same style as the main fence around the lower property.  Here’s a photo after the fence is complete (but without lights on the posts) and the wood shed is being built:

Here is the shed completed with the wood moved into it.  You can see the shelf up top where we are planning to store our landscaping tools.  There is also gravel on the ground inside the foundation:

This photo was taken a few months later after all of the scrap from the deck renovations was added to the wood shed.  We’ll have enough wood for several winters now!


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August 7, 2020