Deck Renovations

In late 2019 we began the largest project yet at P&P, even bigger than building the yurt!  For 50 years the redwood and cedar deck around the house had been serving the owners, relatively untouched, but now it was starting to rot and a major overhaul was needed.  With the help of Kevin Turner, Prasad Peebles and Josh Phillips, we put in over 1500 hours and $20,000 to restore the deck to an optimal state.  We re-used old redwood boards where possible to conserve resources.  As part of the effort we installed polycarbonate panels underneath the front deck area to prepare for the dormitories, which would be 3-season accommodations underneath the deck. We finished the work in August of 2020.

We started with the front stairs.

In this photo you can really see the rotten joists underneath the planks.  Most of the planks had rot as well.

During the renovations the yard was turned into a full-on work zone with piles of lumber all over the place.

We worked in sections, finishing one section before moving onto the next.  The gap in between where there were no planks was always a hazard.


Here are some freshly painted planks ready to be installed.  Some of them are originals that have been planed and sanded and some are brand new lumber.


Here you can see the polycarbonate panels and galvanized flashing that was installed to create a dry space underneath the deck for the future 3-season dorms.

Continuing around the corner toward the rainbow:

Here’s a photo taken the following year showing the completed deck on this side of the house:


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August 15, 2020