Zen Room Flooring

In the early Summer months we had an incident at the house where some fiberglass material contaminated the Zen Bedroom.  As a result the carpet and some bedding materials needed to be replaced.  Fortunately the loss was mostly covered by insurance and we were able to use the opportunity to upgrade from the carpeting to some stranded bamboo flooring.  We purchased the flooring about a month before work started so that it could be “acclimatized” to the moisture levels in the house.  This happened in the main room:

We hired a local contractor named Paco who performed the work with his brother over two long days.  They removed the old carpet and then put down tar paper before starting on the new flooring:

They used a pneumatic nailer and made quick work of the project.  Unfortunately we didn’t take any pictures of the completed effort but it looks so much better than the carpet did!


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July 29, 2021