Flood Barrier

Over the course of the summer in 2021 we had a couple of big monsoon rains.  The amount of rain provided a good test of the recent construction efforts to see how they would handle water.  As it turned out some improvements were needed, including some downspout cleaning around the Pergola and a flood barrier near the dorms entryway.  Both monsoon rains caused flooding in this area so we decided to pour a mortar barrier to stop the water and redirect it out into the yard.  We built a frame using rebar and galvanized steel mesh and then started shaping the mortar to this form:

Although this project wasn’t particularly big or complex, it was made more challenging by the confined space.  Also, mixing concrete or mortar is never easy.  Here’s a look at the barrier from the inside:

And here’s a shot of the completed work from above:


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September 18, 2021